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This page offers automated nightly builds of WinVICE, an emulator for Commodore C64, C64DTV, C128, VIC20, almost all PET models, the PLUS4 and the CBM-II (aka C610) 8-bit machines.

VICE is compiled using MinGW and the binaries should work with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 and Win8. The packages are built using the configure options "--with-resid --enable-ethernet --enable-fullscreen --enable-cpuhistory" which adds a little to the required resources but quite some features as well. Unless you aim for warp speed records the performance impact should not affect your everyday workflow on a modern PC. LEMONERS may prefer the speedier packages without the cpuhistory option to gain more speed.

Finally, overall functionality completes with some statically linked libraries (libz) and bundled .dll files (libpng, libjpeg, giflib, libFLAC, libogg, libvorbis, libmpg123, libmp3lame and of course ffmpeg).

Note: x64.pokefinder.org has an RSS feed for the VICE-EMU SVN Repository if you are interested in staying up-to-date with the current development.

The VICE Documentation with the VICE Manual is available here as well - weekly updated based on the SVN builds.


Where can I get other VICE builds?
The VICE project homepage has the normal release builds of WinVICE and you may also try builds from https://sourceforge.net/projects/vice-emu/files/experimental binaries/.
Linux VICE builds are to be found at https://software.opensuse.org
And last not least some MacVICE builds are to be found at http://csi8bit.tumblr.com/macvice
None of these downloads work for me?!
Check for incorrectly loaded "vice.ini" files and rename them.
VICE is an active project and nightly builds may easily not work or start to fail on your system while previous builds were fine. If the problem persists you should check the VICE ToDo and Known Issues and possibly report it to the bug tracker.
Network support does not work! I see the error "TFEARCH: LoadLibrary WPCAP.DLL failed!" in vice.log.
Install WinPcap.
$SomeProgram is repeatingly crashing/hanging at some random location (esp. on drive access)!
Try disabling the Enable virtual devices option (Also: Disable kernal traps)
These builds should be made with...
Send an email to vice [at] pokefinder.org.


True hackers know what good cpuhistory can do - the rest just grab a 'no-cpuhist' file.

Currently available revisions (overall): 1235

SVN RevisionBuilddateBuildnameDownload
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35868 2018-12-15 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35868 44.4 MB 99.68 MB 44.41 MB 99.71 MB
35866 2018-12-14 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35866 44.41 MB 99.68 MB 44.41 MB 99.71 MB
35864 2018-12-13 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35864 44.41 MB 99.68 MB 44.39 MB 99.72 MB
35863 2018-12-12 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35863 44.41 MB 99.68 MB 44.39 MB 99.72 MB
35861 2018-12-09 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35861 44.41 MB 99.68 MB 44.41 MB 99.72 MB
35860 2018-12-08 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35860 44.4 MB 99.68 MB 44.41 MB 99.72 MB
35848 2018-12-07 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35848 44.41 MB 99.67 MB 44.41 MB 99.71 MB
35845 2018-12-06 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35845 44.4 MB 99.67 MB 44.41 MB 99.71 MB
35838 2018-12-05 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35838 N/A N/A 44.41 MB 99.71 MB
35823 2018-12-04 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35823 44.41 MB 99.67 MB 44.42 MB 99.71 MB
35822 2018-12-03 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35822 44.41 MB 99.67 MB 44.42 MB 99.71 MB
35820 2018-12-02 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35820 44.41 MB 99.67 MB 44.42 MB 99.71 MB
35819 2018-12-01 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35819 44.41 MB 99.67 MB 44.42 MB 99.71 MB
35818 2018-11-30 GTK3VICE-3.2-win32-r35818 44.41 MB 99.67 MB 44.42 MB 99.71 MB

189224 downloads since VICE 2.4 revision 26942.